A three-day training and multiplier training took place in Bugersa from 18 to 20 May 2021. The main topics were:

  • Introduction to HIV/AIDS and how we can protect ourselves and others. How to build values for self-esteem? Discussions on human rights rules, especially on children’s rights.
  • Various activities preceded or accompanied the workshop:
    • Preparatory meetings with local authorities, including meetings with the Vice Mayor/Social Affairs, the Gender Officer and the Director of Health in BUGESERA District.
      • Information sessions: the activity was organised and implemented in close cooperation with the district staff in charge of gender and monitoring. 25 young adolescent mothers to be trained were identified.
        • Trainings of peer educators in Bugesera district (multiplier trainings) – education and counselling, assistance of a medical nature such as paediatric treatment for children infected with HIV / AIDS – assumption of health insurance (from 1.7.2021), general accompaniment and psychological support – counselling and talking therapies.

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