Inauguration and Celebration

In May 2022, the first cohort of trainees was bid farewell and the new cohort was welcomed to the training center!
The celebration was attended by several distinguished guests, including from the Ministry of Equality and Family Support.

In a short time, the project has become a lighthouse project, institutions and other organizations visit us and want to know how we encourage and support the young women – among other things, childcare in the same house with daily healthy care is a novelty. We also provide support with health insurance, therapy options in the event of an experience of violence, and offer cooking classes for a healthy but affordable diet.

After six months training our students finished their training and received their certificates.

Mama Courage took the ceremonial opportunity to officially inaugurate the training center. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this was not possible in 2021. But not only the center, also a kiosk and a chicken coop were inaugurated.

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