Welcome to Mama Courage!

“Mama Courage” training centre in Bugesera in Rwanda has opened!
Before that, the house was expanded with toilet facilities, barrier-free access, a hand-washing station in the entrance area and, of course, equipped with chairs, tables and sewing machines.

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Under construction

A building with classrooms, a sewing workshop, play area for children, kitchen and toilets as well as the equipment like tables, chairs, blackboard, and sewing machines of course will be provided for young teenager mothers in Bugesera, Eastern Province of Rwanda, very soon.
A toilet facility will have to be added to the premises and an access to the house will be made barrier-free.
Once this preparatory work has been completed, the vocational training can begin very soon!
A small sales area our “show room” will be prepared later so that the sewn products can be offered for sale. We would appreciate financial support for this show room.